Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Goals for May

I'm joining up with Jess from I heart recess for this cute & useful "May goals" linky.

Personal: My computer is looking untidy at the moment. I'm normally the file queen but at the moment I'm finding it hard to easily get to stuff. Time for a clean up!

Health: I have not been looking after myself the last couple of weeks. Aiming to get back into walking every day and going to yoga or the gym twice a week.

Blogging: Last week it was wonderful to have reached 50 followers. We're just reaching middle of the school year here, not the end but things are still hectic with reports and planning. I need to find more time to make (cute looking) stuff! 

Social stories: A few of my poppets are still settling into school life and knowing things like- we need to keep our hands to ourselves, how to ask questions, I need to ask permission before I do things, and "No" from the teacher means NO. After a not so great day yesterday I am back to using social stories- I will post more about these with some activities next week.

Fun: I'm so excited this weekend about catching up with some friends and going to a music festival! Getting towards report time I know it's really important to make more "me" time so I stay sane and stay a happy, healthy person. If you're near the end of your school year I'm sure the same goal is true!

Wishing you a smiley & sunshine-y week,
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  1. Isn't it just so hard to find time to workout. Definitely one of my goals, but being so busy I feel like that's always the first thing I decide I don't really have to do, even though I really should be doing it!

    Tara :o)

  2. Thanks for linking up! I think cleaning my files would take longer than cleaning my house :)



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