Thursday, 2 May 2013

May currently!

It's a new month already so I'm linking up with Farley!

Oh my goodness what a week this has been! I feel like I'm running in circles but not getting anywhere. I know I've achieved something because my to do list has stuff ticked off but it's just kept growing from the bottom.

Listening- I really, really hate cleaning and this week has been bedlam so we are on load 2 of at least 4 loads of washing to be done before the weekend. Don't even mention having to hang it out or fold it.. :(

Loving & Needing- It's finally here!!! I LOVE music festivals and this weekend I get to see the Kooks and Tegan & Sara! Plus two of my gorgeous mates are visiting to go with me so fingers crossed it will be epic! Need to figure out times and stuff

Thinking & Wanting- need to finish the to do pile before I can 'play' on the weekend & need more time to do it in!

Bucket List- Oh how I wish I could talk about summer! I miss it. It's almost winter here so wishing I was somewhere sunny & hot! I have a huge sewing & reading pile to get through on the next lot of holidays. Any other Sookie fans? Shattered it's the last book. I HAVE NOT read it so no spoilers please if you've read the leaked ending.

Happy weekend & Happy May
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  1. I am so glad I found your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts! I would love to learn how to sew. I see all of these cute things, but I have never had the confidence to try to sew it myself. I think I might just have to try this summer. I hope you get through your reading list! I have a pile that I cannot wait to read as well.


  2. Hi! What a cute blog! Glad I found you through Farley. Hope you get all of your laundry done and have a great time this weekend!
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