Monday, 15 April 2013

Maths & Manic Monday

Can't believe it's Term 2 already. Today was a great start back :) Missed the poppets for sure but was so exhausted by the end of the day! All of the 'relaxing' on the hols may have been a bit much... nah!
This week we are focusing on counting and data in Maths so we made these cute "MacDonald's" graphs.

The kiddos went around asking 15 people in our class whether they went to MacDonald's on the holidays. They were so serious! Cutie pies.

They needed to keep track of how many people they had asked by counting how many boxes they had coloured in. Admittedly, this wasn't perfect but most of the kids kept track. A few poppets just asked everyone in the class. Oh well. Was really surprised of the overall results- more kids hadn't gone to Maccas then had- thought it would have been almost all yes'.
If you'd like a copy of the template click here.
Happy week peeps!
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  1. Hi Bec! I found your cute blog through the Manic Monday linky over at Classroom Freebies. Thank you for the McDonald's graph freebie.


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