Saturday, 28 May 2016

Five for Friday: End of May!

What a week! I am completely jealous of all the teachers in the Northern Hemisphere about to start Summer break. We are slowly trudging toward our mid-year holidays, while it is getting lovely and cold outside. I'm blogging to distract myself from writing reports {oops} so without further ado here is what we have been up to this week! 
Btw- Linking up with Kasey over at Doodlebugs for 5 for Friday.

~ One ~
We broke out the oil pastels to create these Owls using directed drawing. I love how all my kiddos pieces turn out completely differently even though we follow the same instructions.

~ Two ~
The kiddos (and staff) had a blast listening to Jonas and his "Ghana Beat My Drum" performance this week. It is an incursion definitely worth checking out if you are an Australian teacher. He was super funny and had the kids up dancing, as well as learning about Ghana and the different types of music.

~ Three ~
We have been surviving road works outside our school for the last few weeks. The arrival of the cement truck caused huge excitement this week! I think the tradies will be glad when they've moved on to  a place where they don't get asked so many questions :)

~ Four ~
I received the new Maths Box from RIC publications this week and holy coconuts it is awesome! A review is to come soon but we have already put it to good use during our Math groups.

~ Five ~
Coldplay here we come! I scooped up tix for when Coldplay are in Melbourne in December. Bring it on!

And now I guess I have to get back to report writing! Make sure you check out the other fantastic posts in the link-up here (and get summer break envy like I have).

Happy weekend peeps,
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lion directed drawing

My kiddos have been loving directed drawing activities this year! This week we made these Lions inspired by this post from Kasey at Doodlebugs.  We used chalk pastel to create the drawings on black A3 cardboard.

Kasey didn't have instructions on her original post so I whipped up these to help me break down the steps for my class. Click on the picture to download as a pdf.

I modelled each step on the board using white pastel on the black paper so it was easier to see. It was easier for the kids to draw the outline in white too then they went back over their white lines with black.
All the best,

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Great teachers

Last week a conversation with two of my kiddos made me both laugh and appreciate that my kids take in a lot more than I sometimes think. Love those moments!

The conversation went like this:

Poppet, "So when were you born Mrs P?"

Me, "Well I'm 31 so what year was I born?"

Poppet {with big groan}, "Teachers turn EVERY question into a learning moment!"

And that's what makes us great!

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Five for Friday: May 6th

Well hello folks! I'm back! It's been awhile between posts, apologies but we have had a bit going on at home so the blogging has taken a bit of a back seat but I'm vowing to get back on track. Since I'm back on 'schedule' I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodlebugs for a 5 for Friday to celebrate :)

1. We have been busy making Mother's Day presents and have loved these tile magnets from Cleverpatch. I already had the porcelain markers so it was an easy and cheap craft.

2. Still on the Mother's Day gifts we packaged them up all pretty!

3. We have been learning about fractions and creating fraction walls.

4. The kiddos took home these bookmarks for Star Wars day.

5. We have also been learning about time and have been using this Time Bump freebie to reinforce matching analogue and digital times.

Stop by the link-up for more posts!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
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