Sunday, 30 June 2013

July Currently!

Yesterday I was worried that I'd be away & wouldn't make the currently because it is awesome.... but that's also a bit of a sad statement because a week away from the computer would probably do me the world of good & I should have been more worried about packing!

Anywho, it's time to link up with Farley!

It's 8am here, I just woke up & the washing machine is already going with stuff to pack.... I may have been a little slack! Anyway, we head off this week to Hamilton island! Ah, bring on 22C (according to google 71.6F) as it has been around the 10C mark here for weeks and I am over it!
I have two chick lit books ready to go both by Zoe Foster, who I love.

I'm a little bit excited about my fav salty drink & being at the beach.... I have mentioned margaritas in 2 posts this week so this may be excessive but it's on the list! You can tell, right?!

And to wrap this up, my tip is to not be afraid of being proud of your achievements even the teeny tiny ones {like, that kid didn't throw a chair today, go me... or, yay that poppet used a tissue to blow his nose and didn't lick his snot again} ;). This is why I think blogs are so important because we are all sharing the good and bad stuff, getting inspiration from one another & help. It's good to be proud!

Can't wait to read all the other link up's! While you are here, check out yesterday's post for a link to a giveaway.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Eureka! It's holiday time & 5 for friday

Ah, another 5 for Friday and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again!

Drum roll........... My 5 Random Things for the week...........

We have finally made it to our mid-year holidays*! 11 week terms** should be made illegal my poor little poppets were exhausted this week {tears everyday} but they have been SO good! I can honestly say I will miss them over the 2 weeks... same could not be said as enthusiastically a month ago :) 
*side note- we call our 'vacation' holidays... just so you know :)
**our school year in Australia {or at least Victoria} is spilt into 4 terms, not 3 like the majority of the world... and it's our mid-year winter holidays now

Make sure you enter my giveaway to celebrate the swap to Bloglovin'. You can win 2 products from my store. Check out all the other blogs at the bottom of the post too.

Bring on the sunshine!! We are heading to the 'top-end' next week where it should hopefully be warm enough to swim. Fingers crossed. I'm dreaming of beaches, sunshine and margaritas

This week was our "fun finale" so the kiddos and I have hung out, cleaned up, {they have} watched movies {while I did planning, listened to readers, cleaned, etc}, and just enjoyed each others company! It was lovely. We celebrated yesterday with movie & popcorn day which I completely forgot to take pictures of... oops

We visited our school 'Rural Block' yesterday which is basically a mini garden/farm at the back of our school property. We grow tons of fruit & veg seasonally {tomatoes, corn, lettuce, strawberries, zuchinni, pumpkins, etc} and collect and sell eggs from our chickens. Aren't they the cutest?

And before you go, can you help with my 100 follower giveaway?
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I hope wherever you are, that you have a relaxing weekend planned!

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bloglovin' Linky's & a Giveaway

There are 2 great linky parties happening to 'celebrate' the swap to Bloglovin'. Thanks to all the peeps who have swapped over so far. If you're not sure how to do that follow my tute here or any of the other great tutorial's written (mine is basic).

Check out Tori's Bloglovin' linky party to see a huge number of bloggers that have already swapped over. Such a great way to find new bloggers!

And it's giveaway time! The wonderful ladies at Collaboration Cuties have started this great Bloglovin' giveaway!

So while you're here enter my giveaway below to win your choice of 2 products from my store if you are following me on Bloglovin'. This will be drawn sometime next week and I will choose 2 WINNERS! 

You only have a few days left to swap over- get to it :)

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Thanks :)

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Blog Lovin' & Picture Book Linky

Just a reminder to swap over to BlogLovin' (or another blog reader) if you haven't already. Goggle reader will close on the 1st of July. 
If you already have an account, make sure you update your blogs list incase you have started following more since you joined up.
To import the blogs you follow in Goggle reader to BlogLovin' go to and follow the steps. Easy!

Although I am a long way from the start of the year here I thought I would link up to share some of my favourite start of the year stories!

We always start the year talking about our holidays. I Magic Beach by Alison Lester & Looking for Crabs by Brace Whatley are some of my favourite's.

We also talk about our classroom rules, our differences & looking after others. Giaraffe's Can't Dance is great for talking about our strengths and how it is important that we are each different.

I always read Too Loud Lily by Sophie Laguna to focus on how we are all different and also the different noise levels accepted in the class. 

I have loved reading everyone else's favourite books. I now have a huge wishlist for next year.

Also, if you are able to help out with my 100 follower giveaway fill out the form here!
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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Yay! 100 Followers & Five for Friday time!

I was still in the report writing/editing haze last weekend so I missed out on linking up with Doodle Bugs but I'm back this week! 

Also, be prepared for a lot of exclamation marks in this post :)

I cannot believe we're only one week away from mid-year holidays! Bring it on!

On Thursday we took the poppets on excursion to Melbourne as a finish to our Dinosaur unit. To make our 10am start at the Museum we were on the buses and gone at 7.30am, which meant I was at school just after 6.30. I stopped to get a huge cup of coffee on the way so I would survive :)

The kiddos were SO good! I have to admit I was worried beforehand. Excursions are super stressful as it is (taking almost 90 kiddos 2 hours away, the lists, timetables, constant counting so you don't lose anyone, trying to get 22 kids on an escalator at once.. etc) and I have a few high needs kiddos this year but they were absolutely brilliant. I was really lucky to have 3 extra teachers with my group {just in case} and they were an amazing help.

We were "palaeontologists" in our Dinosaur walk tour & talk. They were so cute.

Yesterday, because of our huge day Thursday, we had Fun Friday. We went to the computer lab for an hour of Reading Eggs, then watched The Land Before Time and had a 90's Power ballad (Roxette, Bon Jovi & Wilson Phillips.... lol they wanted Gangnam style but my choices were better) dance party in the afternoon. 

This little man asked one of my cutie girls to dance! He led her around the room and everything! Cutest thing ever!! He is one of my Autistic poppets so it made my heart especially sing because we haven't been having the easiest time lately. He will break hearts.

And (after much working out due to the switch from Google Reader to Blog Lovin') I have officially reached 100 followers! 

                                                                        Clipart by Creative Clips by Krista Wallden

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I am also part of Jessica's 200 follower giveaway at Literacy Spark. 

Click on the pic to enter. There are some great prizes.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Morning Must Haves

I'm a bit late in linking up with Halle at Across the Hall in 2nd Grade but anywho, I am anyway :)

My Morning Must-Haves are:

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise 
I'm currently in love with the Dermalogica Ultra-Calming Cleanser because of my red skin & can't go past the Olay moisturiser because it's SPF 30+

Lemon in hot water
My bestie told me this would get rid of my black eye bags & help me stay healthy. Not sure if it's true but I'm now addicted.
I'm in love with Clinque lash power mascara because it's a tubular mascara which means it's long lasting, non-smudging, tear proof AND it comes off with warm water so no eye make-up remover is needed. Plus it's non clumpy. I'd seriously marry it if it was legal, lol 

I'm enjoying reading everyone else's must haves- it's making me feel like a cup of coffee but that's probably not the best idea at 8pm :)

Have a happy week,
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Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's Friday!!

This week has been both amazing and a shocker all at the same time, but the main thing is 3 weeks to go 'til we're on holidays, soakin' up some sunshine & drinking margaritas! 

So a recap of the "amazing":

I have finally started reports- 2 down & 21 to go but these are mostly half started, so that's something!

My amazing bestie who is currently living in London sent me a 'cheer up' package this week. Tea & a book to read with my class! She knows me well. The tea is delicious and how cute is the tin?!

We made these too cute dinosaurs using oil pastels. I had planned to make these with chalk pastel like the ones I had found on Pinterest but the 12 boxes have somehow disappeared from the art room :/ so oil pastels it was. And they look great!

Our grade 4 Dinosaur 'expert' visited us on Friday with all of his dinosaurs to show us. They were in a huge wheely suitcase! I cracked up when he came in. He told us all about the different types he had in his suitcase... he is a Dinosaur Encyclopaedia. The kids loved it.


I made Eggs Florentine for breakfast and they were delicious... incase you were feeling hungry :)


Wishing you an amazing weekend wherever you are & whatever you are doing,

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Currently June!!

The year is almost half over! Um scary, but this means I get to link up with the wonderful Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade as it's June! 

Listening, Thinking & Needing
It's report writing time- yuck. It's only half-way through our school year in Aus. and we're heading towards winter holidays. So, of course, I'm meant to be writing reports and have instead just made a HUGE pot of mac n cheese, which is in the oven. Mmm, next job is to hang out the washing. Anyone else always have a clean house during report writing time? Any wonder my reports aren't finished.

Ooh it's well and truly autumn! I love trees and have a huge love for Autumn leaves- nothing better than crunching through a big pile of them :)

Wanting & Holiday essentials
4 weeks til holidays and counting!! We are spending a whole week in the Whitsunday's, at Hamilton island. It won't be super hot there but it'll be warmer than here! Plus, there's a BIG beach. Can't wait!

Wishing all you lucky ppl on summer hols a wonderful time & a safe & happy break,
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Five for Friday

I'm linking up (a little later than usual) with 

Week 7 down, 4 more to go before holidays. Not the best time to have caught a horrible head cold- the kind where my face feels like it's 3 times as big, headache, blocked nose- urgh, but I'll stop whinging :)

We're learning all about "What happened a long, long time ago?" with a focus on dinosaurs. This week we:

  • Made a 'life-size' Triceratops foot & measured it using unifix, books, boxes, etc. We got the free printable from here

  • Wrote information reports about the Triceratops and the T-Rex after watching this 

 T-Rex video

We have continued working on our social skills using my "Stop-It, I don't like it" book and poster.

This week we focussed on the letter V. We read The Violin Man by Colin Thompson. The pictures in this book are incredible! 

It was a great story to make predictions before reading.

"I predict he will play his violin everyday, walking all over the street."

"I predict that a dinosaur will eat people." lol

The last one cracked me up as it had absolutely nothing to do with the Title, Illustrations or Blurb but at least it was a prediction!

It has rained here for most of the week, we had about an inch of rain overnight so I am planning to head back to the couch and snuggle up. Ooh, and maybe have a cup of tea :)

Wishing you a great weekend,

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