Saturday, 20 April 2013

5 for Friday!

Week 1, Term 2 done and dusted (although my room is a pig sty and I'm planning to go in tomorrow to do a big clean up, the math planner and prep. for a meeting Monday but I'm trying not to think about that)! It's been nice to come back and see that my kiddos are used to the routine and are acting like "my grade" which is lovely!
So, this is the recap of the week.....

Last Saturday we went to Melbourne to celebrate the engagement of two of my gorgeous friends! It's been a long time coming! We (ok, me but the gift was from us both so I should include the hubby) made them this "Marriage Survival Kit" for their pressie (pics were taken at night, sorry about the shadows)

Inside each envelope was a voucher to match the tag on the outside. They read:
-For Date Night (Village cinema voucher)
-So you can sing, dance and be merry (App Store voucher)
-For House Stuff (Myer voucher); and the chattering teeth were their 'gag' gift

We have been learning about collecting data and presenting the information in graphs.
Click on the pic to get a copy of the "Do you have a brother?" graph we have used this week from google docs.

Every day we play a Maths game with our maths buddies (these change each week). We have gotten very good at working with a buddy! Everyone played beautifully this week.

C is for Caterpillar! The kiddos made these super cute caterpillars using mini kinder circles and scrap paper. We learnt to roll the 'antennae' around a pencil to make them curly.

And finally I have been busy on Pinterest trying to find ideas for one spot in our garden. We're thinking something like this 

What do you think?
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  1. What a sweet gift for your friends!
    Love the outdoor area idea!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  2. Cute!I'm your newest follower. From The Lamppost in 1st. I'm having a giveaway..Want to help out? Stop on by! wendy 1stgradefireworks


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