Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Currently

How did it get to be April already?! I'm a little bit late this time but I'm linking up with Farley for this month's currently :)

After being lazy relaxing all weekend I am now up to my arm pits in washing. I have a day of washing, drying, folding & putting away clothes ahead. Thank goodness I don't iron or I think I'd be moving out :)

Being able to do a bit of nothing, other than the washing :)

Only the 2nd day of hols and I know I need to start planning for next term which is always one of the biggest. 

This is the second day in a row I have blogged in my pj's. Yes it is 11am, yes my hubby would be disgusted but he's at work :) and yes, I don't want to get out of them

We're going camping later in the week which is my (least) favourite thing in the whole world but my husband loves it. Heading to the high country for a few days so I need to stock up on books. Any recommendations?

This is advice I need to learn to take- Stress Less. I am always worried about finding time to make things for TpT and to do my blog but I'm slowly learning that it all happens anyway. Stressing about it ruins the fun.

Also, check out this awesome giveaway from Michelle The 3am Teacher & her very talented friends. Super easy to enter and they call you 'cutie'- what's not to love about that?!

Smiles for miles,

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  1. Cute blog! I need to stress less to; great advice. Enjoy your holiday!

    Thirsty Firsties

  2. I like your idea about staying PJS. First thing I did when I got home at 4pm today was get my PJ back on :)
    -Lovely nina

  3. Love your blog! Love your advice, simple and to the point! I need to work on stressing less :)

    Happy to be your newest follower!
    Elementary My Dear

  4. Stay in PJs sounds great!! Just found you through Farley's linky - I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  5. I found you through Farley's Currently. I love staying in my PJ too. I'm working on less stress, but it's so hard not to get caught up in it. Happy to be your newest follower!

    Read With Me ABC


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