Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hamburger Collages

My class have been loving making collages in the last few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a few pics of our awesome artworks.

We began our unit getting all inspired by Claes Oldenburg and his amazing Pop Art sculptures & 'floor' artworks. After focusing on the floor burger and exploring that collage is "cutting with scissors" (thank you Henri Matisse), we made our own Burger PopArt Collages.

The kiddos used some of my templates to cut out their own pieces from felt, paper, tissue paper & cellophane, as well as making some of their own.

If you would like to make your own, I have the templates available in my store that are easily photocopied onto coloured paper to create the collages. To celebrate, it's half price (only $1.50) for the next week. Click on the any of the images above or this link to purchase.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

I Can Do That! & Freebie Reflection Worksheets

I have just finished my new I Can Do That: Reflect & Review Worksheets and to celebrate I have a sneak peak of the packet and a freebie to share!

This packet of 20 worksheets are perfect to be used before or after a  range of different activities, for example, after story time, for independently reading or at the beginning and end of the year to share what students know quickly. All activities are black & white, ideal for colouring and photocopying. 

The pack contains the following worksheets:
*10 Things/20 Things I know;
*What I know/What I now know writing pages;
*In 10 Words & In 20 Words list;
*Before & After;
*Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down pages;
*Describe It, Note it & Wonderwall pages;
*I Feel/I think pages;

For a sneaky sneak peak download this freebie for 2 free worksheets.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Term 4 No Chore Linky: Organising for the End of Year Clean Up

Here in Australia, we are in our final term of school for the year {eek}. It is always a super busy term with reports, assessments, Christmas activities, school performances and the end of year clean up that comes with the job. 

With only 10 more weeks to go, it's getting to crunch time! I am linking up with some fantastic blogging friends to share some tips to survive and be super organised for the end of the year. After you read my tip, make sure you go to the link up below to find other fantastic ideas to survive Term 4 :)

Term 4 No Chore Tip
One of the biggest tasks at the end of the year is cleaning up, especially if you are needing to change classrooms. I am the checklist queen and find having a list at the end of the year really helps. Over the years, I have moved from scribbled notes EVERYWHERE to having a typed up checklist.

Here is a pdf copy you may like, with a blank version for you to write on. For other great teaching ideas follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest!

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Currently October

Feeling the blog-guilt this month, from a lack of proper posting (something that I have in common with Farley) but at least I'm linking up for Currently!

It is finally Spring here, we have a gorgeous week of mid 30's (90F) ahead and I am coming to the end of 4 weeks off of school (2 weeks long service leave + 2 weeks Spring break). 

I am a much nicer person when the weather is nicer :) So I have been running (first time ever peeps), enjoying the sun and listening to a lot of Florence!

I, however, have not been planning. At. All. Tomorrow, peeps, tomorrow... hopefully :) The sun is distracting ok! And so is Netflix...

Happy Halloween month to those in the Northern hemisphere! Very jealous that you have everything pumpkin-related. I guess in Australia we do get the sun this time of year, so shouldn't complain!

I feel boo-tiful when I know I am eating well and therefore feeling SO good. The month off of work has been great for getting my head on straight and I have to say, I am feeling pretty damn HOT at the minute :) Most be all of the yoga, walking and running.

Happy October everyone,
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