Tuesday, 10 December 2013

First Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party

I'm linking up with Emily from The Reading Tutor to share one of my favourite cookie* recipes. 
*{Sidenote: we call cookies biscuits in Australia and I find it really weird to type the word cookie and not biscuit... thought I'd just share that...}

Anyway this is one of my, and my husband's definite favourite. 

Jam Drops

Thanks to google here are the US measurement conversions:

  • 180°C equals 356°F so 350 should be fine- my oven is temperamental so I only cook my cookies for 10 mins max depending on their colour. As soon as they are golden they are done.
  • 100g of butter is 3.5oz or if you are lucky you might have scales that do grams as well- mine has grams and ounces. Best Christmas present ever from the hubby- who needs diamonds?! They are very helpful when trying to make something from Pinterest.

My all time favourite cookies are my Yo-Yo Biscuits- click on the link to find a previous post on these and the recipe.

Happy baking!

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

5 for Friday

How good is life?!  It has been one of those weeks where I have been feeling that SO much- must be only 8 work days left that helps that :)

Everything at the minute is CRAZY! We are busy every weekend until Christmas, as I'm sure most people are.

~ One ~
Last Friday night we had a school {hilarious} Trivia night to raise money for the family of one of our Prep students who has leukaemia. We had 21 tables, over 200 people in attendance for a school of just over 200 kids. The school parents who organised the night raised much needed money for this family for this poppets arrival home and rehabilitation. I will truly miss this wonderful community I have been lucky to be a part of. 

~ Two ~
Christmas Craziness 
We made Hipster Santa's from Reagan's Techy Santa craftivity. Aren't they they cutest?!

 Stockings from Clever Patch. If you are in Australia check them out. Their craft packs are brilliant- they come with everything and are well worth the money. The kidlets did a great job with these! I love watching boys sew, very cute.

~ Three ~
Prep Transitions
We finished our final Prep {Kinder} transition with the new preppies on Tuesday at my new school. This has been a great way to meet my new poppets, some of the staff and families but it has been full on. Big responsibility taking all this on (3 transition days, planning, class placements, etc) plus still trying to be at my current school but we survived! And completed it all beautifully.

~ Four ~
Christmas shopping is completed {except for my hubby's gifts}. We spent both Saturday & Sunday shopping last weekend. Bought some gorgeous gifts from the Square handmade market in town. Went both days... slightly naughty of me but bought some gorgeous pressies and some stuff for myself :) 

~ Five ~
We are off to see Bon Jovi tonight!!! Eeekk! Planning to visit the Myer windows, St Kilda pier and enjoy a nice drink in the process. Can't wait to get to the city.

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Currently December & a sale

How did it get to be December?! I kind of missed it happening but very excited to link up with Farley on this stinking hot Monday.

Listening- So it's 35C here today, which according to google is 95F and summer has only just started. I am so glad to be home in front of the air conditioner! Our aircon at work is a dinosaur so it's hot and sticky. Welcome to the last 2 weeks of playing a lot of Dead Fish, being sprayed with my magic water bottle spray & walking around in bare feet (the stink in our room is worth it).

Loving- Our school year here is about to finish, just before Christmas which makes it extra cray-cray trying to juggle home stuff & work stuff... but thank goodness it's here my kiddos are exhausted! We don't have a free weekend between now & Christmas so I'm starting to stress just a bit.

Thinking, Wanting & Needing- I am changing schools next year- exciting & scary all at the same time. Somehow in the next two weeks I have to {and I'm sure you do to!}- organise practise for the Preps & 6's to sing at our end of year concert, plan our end of year Mass plus we have our End of Year School BBQ afterwards (it's a late night!), Swimming lessons for the Preps start Thursday, polish reports, wrap presents, finish packing my classroom, try to teach, Christmas activities, 2014 grade lists, stuff at my new school, work break ups, KK presents, buy my husband something for Christmas, etc, etc. Meltdown headed my way.

Favourite Tradition- We have heaps! Because it's so hot here we love to have lots of BBQ's & we always have a big seafood lunch on Christmas Eve. Plus all the Bailey's on ice & Christmas light looking on Christmas Eve rocks too.

Plus have you checked out the TpT sale yet? My store is 20% off pus remember the TpT code. Happy shopping!

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