Friday, 12 April 2013

Five for Friday!

I haven't blogged for two weeks... how did that happen?! I'm linking up with doodle bugs for another 5 for Friday.

1. We have a 'new' Easter Sunday tradition where we have a camp fire lunch with the hubby's family. Roasts cooked in camp fire iron thingy's. Until I met the hubby I had never been camping, or eaten anything cooked on a campfire so it was an eye-opener! But amazing and delicious!

2. Last weekend we went camping with friends to the 'high country'. It's gorgeous up there.

3. This has been the last week of holidays, back to work Monday with the chaos of Term 2 and reports. Feeling refreshed and ready for it!

4. Spent these holidays reading some great books (along with about 10 trashy romance ones, yes Mills & Boons, don't judge lol) including 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', books 1-4 of 'The Shifters' by Rachel Vincent (loved them, desperately waiting for book 5 to arrive in the mail) and 'The younger man' by Zoe Foster.

5. I finally finished my 'Alphabet Puzzles' packet.

This zip file contains over 160 pages including:

-abc puzzles in colour, pictures no words

-abc puzzles in black and white, pictures no words

-abc puzzles in colour, pictures and words

-abc puzzles in black and white, pictures and words

-abc puzzles blank

-abc puzzles blank with page borders

I'd love you to check it out!
Happy weekend,
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  1. Your camping pictures are gorgeous! Seems like a fun new tradtion. Happy to find your blog through the linky!

  2. WOW! 160 pages, you have been busy! Good luck starting back for Term 2 all refreshed and ready to go!

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