Sunday, 6 September 2015

Developing a Growth Mindset

We have been all about positive attitudes and developing a growth Mindset in our classroom this term. There are plenty of fantastic books (like this one from Carol Dweck), resources and Pinterest boards on this topic which I have used plenty of while understanding the differences between a fixed and growth mindset.

My new wall display is having a positive impact on my students attitudes and has been a great visual to remind them how to change their thinking.

I used this fantastic freebie by The Zone for my main display and added these Growth Mindset Posters to our quotes wall (above the display board) which our another great freebie from Tales From Miss D.

If you have any more ideas about developing a growth mindset I'd love to hear about them! Just leave me some comment love below,
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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Currently September

So I completely forgot that it was September! Might have something to do with school camp, Father's Day activities and preparing for my long service leave all this week. I'm linking up with Farley to share the currently love anyway, just a few days late :)

Listening to Season 3 of Suits. Completely love this series!

Loving that our cat Axel is paying attention to me today {two days away will do that} and I'm getting lots of hugs. Plus, I am officially on Long Service Leave from today! Really enjoying the thought that I'll have a month off before the last term of the year. I'll be heading in to term 4 relaxed and ready to end the year right!

Thinking I need to be in Melbourne this afternoon to meet up with some lovely blogging buddies. I probably should be on a train already! Oops.

Wanting to enjoy this gorgeous sunshine today... and somehow stay on the couch.

Needing to read our travel plans over for this week. We our heading to Tasmania for a weeks holiday. A whole week exploring will be nice.

3 Goals:
1. I'm loving meditation, I need to keep up taking the time to stop, process and breathe.
2. Enjoy everything.
3. Keep up the work organisation.

Happy September,
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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

5 Fun Facts with Blog Hoppin

Happy teacher week! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share 5 fun facts about me. 

~ One ~
We eloped!

My hubs and I will be celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary in December (time flies). We shocked pretty much everyone at the time by eloping in Coffs Harbour while on holiday with a couple of friends. It was a planned wedding, with our two friends in on the secret and it was just right for us.

~ Two ~
I love to travel
If you have stopped by before you probably already know this but I love to travel and explore new places. My last big trip was Scotland & Paris in 2013, we're planning another trip for next year. Fingers crossed. This is me in 2009 in Germany (the same year I traveled Europe, went to Japan, built a house, became engaged and got married. Yeah).

~ Three ~
I hate Ferreo Rochers
This came up at work today. I hate them. My class have just added this to the many reasons I am "weird" :)

~ Four ~
Art is my Zen Zone
Art galleries, drawing, strolling around and looking at street art are all in my "happy zone". One of the best parts of teaching in Australia (and sometimes one of the hardest) is that I teach my students all subjects so even though I'm not an art specialist I am are art teacher. I love getting to share with my kiddos what I love and hate and I am hopefully teaching them to judge, critique, enjoy and be opinionated about art.

My birthday trip this year was to see Blue Poles {Number 11} by Jackson Pollock at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

I always visit the Weeping Woman by Picasso when we are in Melbourne. Love! My class upon seeing pictures of her this year decided she was "weird" (it seems to be our word this year) and there were a lot of "what is that?!"'s exclaimed.

~ Five ~
Stationary Addiction
This is probably just a general teacher thing but my stationary habit is legendary and is kind of getting out of control. It's all useful, right?!

Thanks for stopping by,
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