Friday, 25 July 2014

A 100th Day at School 5 for Friday

Is it really Friday?? What a wonderful week we have had, one of those ones where we completely worked our butts off and enjoyed every minute.

Today was our 100th Day at school & the first ever time I have celebrated it thanks to all the great ideas that I had pinned. We had a blast! Earlier in the week we made these awesome 100 pictures inspired from here
 An elephant.

A Candy Bulldozer/Digger

We also aged ourselves with the Oldify app (it's free) and used them in this freebie writing template. An awesome activity but one which has left me scarred for life. I won't post mine for the terrifying factor but I did put it on instagram if you want to check it out. My niece got in on the action on the weekend too.

Today the kidlets walked in to this sign from Seusstastic Classroom up on the SmartBoard.

Their desks were all layed out with their 100th Day 'folders' (I bought A4 envelopes instead of folders, they worked great), supplies for their hats, glasses, a certificate (also from Seusstastic) and a 100's chart.

We then spent the morning making our hats & glasses. We looked dapper.

Then we had the cake one of our Mum's made us, weren't we lucky?!

Then after recess we made our Cheerios necklaces using the template from here to lay them out first.

The same Mum also made us these awesome gifts to take home.

So this has been a one topic 5 for Friday.

I hope you have had an awesome week!
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Two for Tuesday

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune to share 2 items that are 50% off in my store today! Both are on sale for $1.50 (a bit more than 50%.. shh..).

My Humpty Dumpty Word Walls. Go here to find out more about them.

And these Alphabet Posters, which have two versions in either pink or yellow.

Hope you find some great bargains,
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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Humpty Dumpty Word Walls

I'm giving myself a 'Self High-5' today as I have finally put a new product in my store. And I love it which is also super great!

My Humpty Dumpty Words Walls: Pre-Primer & Primer Dolch words are a great way for K-1 students to practise sight words both at school and at home. My poppets take home one of these cards as soon as they know about 35-40 letters and it's time to focus on sight words. The kiddos are encouraged to practise these words at home and they keep their cards in a plastic pocket in their take home Reader Bag.

Each card has 10-12 words to learn at a time. There are 4 Pre-Primer cards and 5 Primer word cards which come in both colour and a black and white versions.

The packet also contains 3 blank word card templates for you to write in words of your choice and two word walls that show all of the pre-primer and primer words.

I test my students about every 4 weeks on their sight words (I used to aim for every 3 but I've worked out 4 is more realistic) and once they know about 80% of the words I give them the next card. An assessment sheet for both the pre-primer and primer words is included.

My poppets love getting a new card and seeing what they have achieved. 

I will have this on sale for the next 24 hours. Check it out here.
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Goal Setting- Worksheet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I have a cute little worksheet to share with you that I use with my poppets for Goal Setting each term.

To download just click on any of the pics above or go here.

Planning our future learning is really important and I love hearing what the kidlets write. We do LOTS of prior brainstorming and modelling of 'good' goals.  As you can see all my hinting at "reading, writing, numbers" doesn't always pay off and that's why I added the bottom box this year so I can add in an extra 'teacher goal'.

Their goals fit in with things that are important to them and that's what makes them valid and important. 

My favourite part about goal setting with Prep {kindergarten} is that sometimes I get goals like this...

Incase you can't read it-
"I am a super star at gluing venom with superman glue. I would like to get better at making straight arms". This kid thinks he's Spiderman. Weirdest goal ever. Love him!

So really, the best bit is that they are SUPER hilarious! And I love my kidlets to bits.

Hope you find this activity useful,
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