Friday, 15 March 2013

Squiggley Wiggley Freebies for Friday

A few weeks ago, after singing "Mr Clickety Cane"

with my blossoms, one of the kiddos said "Can we watch that movie of the clown?" (from those pics of 'similar vids' that pop up at the end of you tube). Me : 'Clown? You mean Mr Squiggle?' Kids: 'What's that?' 
Therefore adding another story to the 'I feel OLD' pile. Anyone who is Australian, in their late 20s & above will hopefully know what i"m talking about! 
For anyone that's never heard of Mr Squiggle watch this

We watched a couple of minutes of this and the kids loved it! This week I'm going to use Mr Squiggle to help us with some creative writing. I created this "Squiggles and Wiggles" pack. We will finish one of the drawing starters by creating a picture of our own and then use one of the writing templates to write about our squiggle!

There are 32 activities!

Click on the picture below to go my store and then download the 'preview' to get the 2 activities below for free!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Phew 2 weeks until Easter holidays... hang in there :)
xx Bec

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