Saturday, 9 March 2013

Funnies & freebies

I'm changing it up today and starting with my freebie & then continuing with my ramble about the week.... Love you to stick around to hear it

Here is a simple Owl reward chart that I've been using with my kiddos this year. When I 'catch them being good' I give them a stamp or sticker on their chart. 10 = a reward from our Reward Box. Click on the pic to get this freebie from google docs.

Now, onto my ramble...
This week could best be described as "not the best"! Goes a little like this:

-Driven home before 9am on Monday with a sudden tummy bug that was.not.pretty.
- Back at work Tuesday to have Poppet 1 running off during my release time and me having my planning time interrupted dealing with it. 
-My 2nd ASD Poppet having a melt-down because he punched someone, then clinging to a tree and refusing to come in.
-One of little boys chopping off a chunk of one of my girls hair because she was poking him.
-Poppet 1 throwing everything off my desk because he forgot his hat and continuing to melt down during the whole week day.
-One of my other little boys "L" taking another kids icy pole money and burying it in the sand pit

I'm glad I decided to write that down today, because I actually managed to get a giggle out of it & make it sound a whole lot easier than it felt this week

My goal this year is to be more positive so these are all the great things that happened:
-It was my birthday Thursday and getting VERY close to 30 now but that's ok :)
-Got a gorgeous pair of earrings and a Sportsgirl voucher from my cute buddy teacher
-Due to some clever pre-planning, squishing all my Prep testing into 2 days so I had Wednesday as a full release day to catch up with all my class & other responsibilites
-Morning tea for my birthday at work
-Tea out with the hubby to our fave Thai restaurant & left-overs the next day for my lunch, much to my husband's mortification that I asked for a doggy bag :)
-Gorgeous work people who looked after me Monday & Tuesday
-The best ever Mimco handbag and uggs for my birthday from my hubby
-Overhearing "L" telling another teacher 'He buried my hat in the sandpit, he did' and me coming over and saying 'L, didn't it get thrown over the fence?' and him completely changing his story :) Which makes me think that the 50 cents may not be in the sandpit but anywhere
-Little "M" in my grade telling me "I saw God yesterday". Me: "Did you honey? Where'd you see him?" M: "In his house". And me eventually figuring out she's been to visit our parish Priest and thought he was God. Cute!
-Some of my cute little boys telling me I looked pretty on my birthday
-Cutie-pie E & her sisters making me a birthday card!

Thanks for sticking around if you've gotten this far :) Happy long weekend to any other Victorians. I know I need it!
xx Bec

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