Saturday, 30 March 2013

Friday Five & Flashback!

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Even though I've been talking about it for weeks it feels really weird to be on Easter break already! This is the first time since I've been teaching that the Victorian hols have actually started on Good Friday so maybe that is why it feels like it came up really quickly! This week was bedlam trying to fit in all our Easter activities and cleaning into 4 days but we got there! Although the room is not super clean but I'm trying to forget that and enjoy my holidays :)

1. Bunny Bait

This week we made Bunny Bait which I had found via Pinterest. This was freaking delicious! And super easy to make with my class of poppets. I couldn't find any bag toppers I liked so I made my own. Download from here if you'd like a copy. Print half size and it fits a lolly bag perfectly. Sorry about the dark pic

To make 25 small bags of Bunny Bait (about 5 Tbs in each bag) you will need:
- 2 big bags of popcorn
-white chocolate melts
-mini MnMs or other lollies

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and then add melted chocolate. Mix to combine.
The kiddos loved this! We melted the chocolate in the staffroom microwave- that's always a big adventure visiting the staffroom. They were so quiet!

2. Excursion
On our last day we were invited to attend the opening of the new playspace in the Mall in town. There with a 1000 kids there from a ton of schools- my skills at estimation are rubbish, I thought there were about 300 kids but the paper told me differently! The kids got a free show bag each which they loved but the opening was looong- we were there for almost 3 hours.
It was well planned out with Zumba in the middle but it's always funny to see things planned by people who are not teachers. My favourite part was when they moved the 1000 kids from the stage to the playground by doing a conga line. I have never counted so furiously in my life trying to keep track of those 40 kids! Fun day though including the staff sing along in the main street while we were waiting half an hour for the bus- I rocked Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fish; The days of the week song; The months of the year Macerena and Miss Mary Mac. Hope the passersby had a giggle at our attempts to stop the kiddos from being restless! The kids were brilliant though.

3. Baking
My first attempt at making Cinnamon Rolls was a hit! Delicious! The recipe made enough for an army (18 large rolls + a log) so my hubby and I both took the left overs to work so we didn't eat the lot.

4. Sales!
Very excited about the TpT Spring Sales this weekend! I only have 5 $$ products in my store so I won't participate this time but I'd love you to check out my store and all my freebies as well.

5. Wardrobe dilemmas

My wardrobe has gotten to point where it is exploding!!! This pic isn't quite the whole wardrobe and I will admit I took this picture AFTER I had tidied it- you can tell that, right? :) 

My tallboy and chest of drawers is full too! Plus I still have a basket full of washing & a chair full of clothes to put away :( I need wardrobe help... or a new wardrobe! (All my hubby's clothes are squished into a far corner that you can't quite see in the pic- he thinks I have issues which is probably true).
I was looking for organising ideas and found these wardrobe tips from How Does She. Apparently this is this woman's real wardrobe....

I can dream..... and then throw out most of wardrobe to achieve it. I don't even keep my jewellery in my wardrobe! I have a whole cabinet from that. And two of those shoe caddy's plus two shoe racks plus more shoes on the floor. Gulp!

Anyway Happy Easter and I hope you got a laugh out of my 'issues'

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