Monday, 25 March 2013

Manic Monday Easter Stained Glass Windows

I still can't believe Easter holidays begin Thursday! I only started Easter activities today but we crammed alot in!

After talking about Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Good Friday) this morning we made these gorgeous stained glass windows.

It always amazes me how hooked the kids are when listening to bible stories in Prep/1. Wish I could have posted pics of their little faces. The cutie pies! 
I got the idea from here but there wasn't a template so I made my own. Click on the pic to download it!

To make the windows:
-Cut out the inside of the template. For little kids I would cut it out for them- I initiated a 1st year student teacher this morning by having him cut out 30 of these. Yeah, he just loved me by 10am :) Some of my grade 1s were able to cut these out (a few that I hadn't expected too could, yay) but the majority struggled.

- Place inside a laminating pocket. This was an idea from one of my teaching buddies and it is so much easier than contact! If you have never made stained glass windows this way you will never go back- trust me :)

 -Fill the gaps with squares of tissue paper or cellophane. We used cellophane as the grade 4s had a big tub of squares left over from last week that they gave us. Score!

-Laminate! Tip: place a sheet of A4 paper on to the top and then feed into the laminater. This stops the laminator from chewing the sheets. One of our fabulous admin lady's told me this a few years ago and it has changed my life- yes, I do laminate that often!

-Remove the paper and voila! Instant stained glass window.

Don't they look great?!

Hope you can use this freebie! Happy Easter
x Bec

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  1. Hi Be, I'm your newest follower. Thank you for the Easter freebies and tips. I'll have to try the laminate.
    First Grade by the Sea

  2. Hi Bec,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday! I love the look of stained glass crafts and your examples are no exception!
    Love to Learn


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