Saturday, 26 January 2013

Five things for Friday

So, 3 posts in a row this week, clearly I am still on holidays! I just saw this post at Doodle Bugs and figured, why not join in?! Even though it is Saturday here, the sun is shining and I really should be finishing making salads for tonight lol

1. Today is 'Australia Day' which means a public holiday for all on Monday and a weekend of lots of barbeques. Which is why I've been peeling a ton of potatoes.. ick (I really hate peeling) 

2. I'm super-dooper excited about finding out about ClassDojo from Engaged in Education yesterday! I've set up my class, all ready for starting the new year. Pumped to try it out and see how the kids like it on Thursday.

3. Heading back to work on Tuesday with the kiddos having their first official day on Thursday. Preparing to start again with a new bunch of Preppies is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. Currently having lots of "Oh no, they won't be able to do that yet!" moments

4. Have had "What I am" by stuck in my head all week. It's so cute! We are definitely going to learn it this year.

5. Made my super delicious Pad Thai for tea last night and just had the left overs for lunch. Mmm-mmm. I got the recipe from here.

Happy weekend everyone!
x Bec


  1. Found your Blog on Doodle Bugs Five for Friday. Good luck with your new year.


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