Saturday, 2 February 2013

Freebie Friday: Classroom Rules Poster

Whew! What a week! My new preppies and grade 1's started on Thursday. Always a huge day for the Preps & their parents! It really is great getting to be a part of their first day at school and knowing how much they will learn & grow this year. 
The first 30 minutes before the bell always borders on chaos- 23 kids, with parents, all trying to find where their table, tub & bag locker's are, finding out what they have to bring inside and where it goes. Only had one blossom in tears (I really don't like having to take them off their parents when they're like that- heartbreaking) but she came in tear free yesterday :-)
I got the hugest surprise after the bell went, when I turned around and my kiddos were sitting quietly on the floor waiting for me! Plus my grade 1's had packed up the Lego & colouring pages that were out as well. The cutie-pies!
Even though the Preps only had half-days this week meaning I only had 11 grade 1's for the last hour, I was still really grateful for last night to roll around! 
In only 2 days we managed to- sing a load of songs (the shark song, wash your face in orange juice, all 3 versions to twinkle, winkle little star & the 3 bears rap), play getting to know you games, make a snail for 'Ss', read at least 5 picture story books, write and draw about our holidays, draw pictures to match our classroom rules (worksheets for Journals), go 'Shopping' for books for our reader boxes, go to the computer lab & start Reading Eggs, play a few games inc. Simon Says (lol this was highly entertaining as the Preps kept forgetting what to do), count by 1s to 20, 40 and beyond, play Buzz & a Gingerbread roll & match dice game, get to know all our rules and procedures, practise 'silent' reading.... and probably a dozen other things I've forgotten! Ooh and make 7 class trips to the toilet! (Yes, we all walk over together about every 40 mins so I don't lose any kiddos)

After that big spiel, I have a freebie for you! This is a simple Class Rules poster with 3 'respect' rules. We use these for our school rules and then have several rules for each main one, for example, Respecting ourselves- we will always try our best. 

Also, there is a 'Make your own rules' sheet that you can use for bigger kids to draw/write what they think your class rules should be.

Just click on either of the photos above to go to the freebie or click here.

For any Aussie teachers who have headed back already or are starting back next week good luck & all the best! And for anyone in flood or fire affected areas my thoughts are with you, your school's and your families as you take part in the clean up.

Wishing you an awesome new class (or a great second half of the year for teachers everywhere else),

x Bec

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