Friday, 25 January 2013

Writing Freebie

My first year of teaching, I had 22 3/4s and I found prompting them to edit a really difficult task. I had a friend who taught grade 1 who used the acronym CUPS to teach her poppets to edit independently. So, as you do when you begin teaching, I took this idea straight back to my class and was amazed at the difference it made! CUPS stands for Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation and Spelling. 
It was also around this time that my school installed SmartBoards so I turned this acronym into a SmartBoard page with explanations underneath to prompt my poppets. It was also easier to put this on the SmartBoard each writing session, rather than writing it up each time.

I find this is also great for my grade 1's and I introduce a different letter during first semester, for example, we begin by only editing for Capital letters.
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What other ideas do you have for editing? Have you used this acronym before?
Hope it's helpful!
x Bec 

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