Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ready, Set... School!

Heading back to work on Tuesday, so end of holiday blues are approaching but incredibly excited that my room is all ready to go! A bit disappointed that these pics don't show the complete cuteness of my room this year but thought I'd post them anyway- as you can tell my photography skills aren't great

My new ABC rugs are from and were only $30 each.

I've also brought back my reading tent, thanks to my hubby who had great patience late one night and helped me find a place for it. 

I have a couch, which we had last year- it's fantastic for my tired Preppies in the afternoons and for quiet reading time. And my new pencil buckets are from Woolworths. 

All of my kiddos have their own reader boxes and we 'shop' for our 5 books each on Friday's. I have also just brought 23 clipboards which I plan to use for 'write the room' and if we need to write on the floor, rather than leaning on library books. If you can see the flash of red down the back these are my 'finishing folders' (just manilla folders) for work that isn't finished yet. I used to use display folders but found the pockets would get ripped out. The finishing folders really work if you don't use them, things don't get lost and children who are on the ASD spectrum learn that they will have time on Friday's to finish unknown work and that it is ok not to be finished.

Birthday calendar (it's a freebie!) from here and I made the owl cards with the names underneath using free owl clipart. I need to put up a Calendar heading.

If you can see the days, months and seasons cards I got them from K-3 Teachers Resources when I used to have a subscription. I couldn't include pics of my jobs list, math buddies or reading groups because I use the kids photos for these but I put them on my blackboard next to the SmartBoard.

Loving my Welcome Sign this year! I used the free owl clipart as above, found the absolutely adorable owl borders from a local stationary shop. 

 Loving that everything is clean and neat, let's see how long that lasts :) Good luck to anyone else who is heading back to work next week x

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