Sunday, 30 March 2014

Swap, Share, Give: A blog linky from Down Under!

I am so excited to share this with you today! I have been super fortunate to be part of a Product Swap, Share & a Giveaway with some very talented Australian bloggers & TpT sellers, so we bring you.....

This has been organised by Lauren over at Love, Laughter & Learning in Prep, go there to see the other great peeps, products & links.

~ SWAP ~
I was paired up with the very talented Brooke from Teachable Moments to try out one of her amazing products. I choose her Find it & Clip it: Initial & Final Sounds Pack.

This was perfect for my Preps who recognise most letters & are exploring sounds. We worked on initial sounds only & this was a great product to be used in a focus group.

The kidlets LOVED pegging & had great discussions with others in the group to work out the sound. Also their stretching out and use of cued articulation to figure out the beginning sound made my heart soar. We have only been at school for 9 weeks & they are just superstars.

We worked on the cards for two sessions before we used the worksheet to record the sound/letter. They loved copying the letter & were concentrating so hard to get it right.

This little dude was so thrilled to work out that moon started with "m". The smile was huge!

I am planning to pick this up again after the holidays as a review and then focus more on final sounds. This is a great pack for Kindergarten & the clipart is perfect- colourful, clear & had the kidlets hooked. Thanks to Brooke for sharing this with me, we will 
definitely be using it again.


This is one of my favourite attention getters. This poster is perfect when first introducing it to your class or as a reminder throughout the year. Click on the pic or go here to download it.

~ GIVE ~
Enter our Giveaway to win one copy of each of the products swapped! Simply follow each of our stores :)

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To check out the other posts visit Lauren over at Love, Laughter & Learning in Prep.
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  1. I love Brooke's pack, I use it with one of my support kiddos. Thanks for sharing that poster too Bec, will definitely be useful in my classroom.
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