Saturday, 29 March 2014

Five for Friday

How has week 9 finished already?! It has been a very busy last couple of weeks so I'm linking up to share all about it :)

~ One ~
We had a fantastic Prep Parents Dinner last night where parents from both of our Prep classes went out together. It was organised by some of our Mum's & we had a pretty good turn out of over 30 parents. This was such a lovely idea, so great that I didn't get home until after 11pm when I was only planning to stay for a couple of drinks. Being wide awake now at 4am however is not so great {all I do after these functions is dream silly dreams about stuff I didn't even say}. My New Years Resolution to 'Stress Less' still needs some work. Arvo nap in store here!

~ Two ~
On Thursday our whole school had a fantastic BluEarth Fitness 'Day' {9-11am was plenty for our Junior Burgers}. We had 20 minute slots of BluEarth Games x 2, Yoga, Aerobics with a parent who was amazing & making fruit kebabs. We had so much fun! 

~ Three ~
We have almost completed Term 1, I can't believe it! Things are starting to click! Isn't that the best feeling?! We have been reviewing our class rules & responsibilities this week by practising our Self-Control Bubbles with help from Lauren's cute packet. Find more info at Teacher Tipster. We start in a whole circle then practise in pairs. 

~ Four ~
We have been crazy busy the last 2 weeks with the tip of it being our School Celebration day at the pool. Our entire school {340+} went to the pool for most of the day. Let's just say I was having a nervous breakdown before we went with thinking of all the things that could go wrong but.... IT. WAS. BRILLIANT! My buddy teacher and I stayed in the pool with the kidlets the whole time & it was a blast.

~ Five ~
Brag time. I've retested my poppets on their Letter Id {upper & lowercase} this week and I have a poppet who has gone from knowing 1 letter to 9 (this is amazing for him!) & a poppet who has moved from 5 to 37!!! I can't wait to finish the testing this week. I love it when they start 'getting it'.

Hope you are having a lovely week & that no-one else is silly enough to be awake at 5am on a Saturday. 

Love & milkstaches,
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  1. I was not awake at 5am this morning... but 9am is close enough? Had to smile at your reference to Junior Burgers - do Maccas even still sell them?!

    Thanks for the lovely shout out, too. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. I'm not sure Lauren. I ave a friend that calls the little kids Junior Burgers & it has stuck. :)


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