Saturday, 22 June 2013

Yay! 100 Followers & Five for Friday time!

I was still in the report writing/editing haze last weekend so I missed out on linking up with Doodle Bugs but I'm back this week! 

Also, be prepared for a lot of exclamation marks in this post :)

I cannot believe we're only one week away from mid-year holidays! Bring it on!

On Thursday we took the poppets on excursion to Melbourne as a finish to our Dinosaur unit. To make our 10am start at the Museum we were on the buses and gone at 7.30am, which meant I was at school just after 6.30. I stopped to get a huge cup of coffee on the way so I would survive :)

The kiddos were SO good! I have to admit I was worried beforehand. Excursions are super stressful as it is (taking almost 90 kiddos 2 hours away, the lists, timetables, constant counting so you don't lose anyone, trying to get 22 kids on an escalator at once.. etc) and I have a few high needs kiddos this year but they were absolutely brilliant. I was really lucky to have 3 extra teachers with my group {just in case} and they were an amazing help.

We were "palaeontologists" in our Dinosaur walk tour & talk. They were so cute.

Yesterday, because of our huge day Thursday, we had Fun Friday. We went to the computer lab for an hour of Reading Eggs, then watched The Land Before Time and had a 90's Power ballad (Roxette, Bon Jovi & Wilson Phillips.... lol they wanted Gangnam style but my choices were better) dance party in the afternoon. 

This little man asked one of my cutie girls to dance! He led her around the room and everything! Cutest thing ever!! He is one of my Autistic poppets so it made my heart especially sing because we haven't been having the easiest time lately. He will break hearts.

And (after much working out due to the switch from Google Reader to Blog Lovin') I have officially reached 100 followers! 

                                                                        Clipart by Creative Clips by Krista Wallden

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
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  1. Looks great, Bec!

    I love the Melbourne Museum... I haven't been for ages, but I might have to go visit it during the holidays.

    I've also, happily, donated to your giveaway - let me know if I can do anything to help!

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Hey Stef, Thanks so much! If I get stuck I will definitely email you.

  2. Hi Bec,

    I have filled out the form and more than happy to help!



  3. The museum looks great! As soon as I jump on the computer, ill sign up to help out too :)

  4. Thanks Alison & Brooke! You guys are the best :)


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