Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's Friday!!

This week has been both amazing and a shocker all at the same time, but the main thing is 3 weeks to go 'til we're on holidays, soakin' up some sunshine & drinking margaritas! 

So a recap of the "amazing":

I have finally started reports- 2 down & 21 to go but these are mostly half started, so that's something!

My amazing bestie who is currently living in London sent me a 'cheer up' package this week. Tea & a book to read with my class! She knows me well. The tea is delicious and how cute is the tin?!

We made these too cute dinosaurs using oil pastels. I had planned to make these with chalk pastel like the ones I had found on Pinterest but the 12 boxes have somehow disappeared from the art room :/ so oil pastels it was. And they look great!

Our grade 4 Dinosaur 'expert' visited us on Friday with all of his dinosaurs to show us. They were in a huge wheely suitcase! I cracked up when he came in. He told us all about the different types he had in his suitcase... he is a Dinosaur Encyclopaedia. The kids loved it.


I made Eggs Florentine for breakfast and they were delicious... incase you were feeling hungry :)


Wishing you an amazing weekend wherever you are & whatever you are doing,

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