Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day!

Found this super cute freebie from the 1st grade teacher on TpT. Valentine's Bookmarks!

I laminated these and added the curling ribbon for gifts to take home- would have loved to use white & pink ribbon but I didn't have any. Click on the pic to get the link!

Tomorrow we are going to make these Love Bugs (I'm renaming them Love Monsters to fit into our Letter of the Week "Mm") from 2nd Grade Pad

I printed the free template on white paper and we will use these parts to make a Love Monster- so I'm not worried where they put the different parts. On the circles they will put the name of someone in their family who the Love Monster is for, e.g. Mum and Dad.

Happy V-Day everyone! It's always a good thing to give a bit of love and thanks back out their to family, friends and our poppets. Hope you get a lot back in return!
x Bec

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