Thursday, 16 January 2014

Back to school- A freebie, Letters Home & Collecting Information

Our school year is scarily getting closer to beginning. I'm a bit excited and a fair bit nervous/stressed about starting over at a new place but I think we are going to have a great year. I have really struck gold with my teaching buddy, so far we are thinking exactly the same way & have gotten a lot done in the last 2 weeks.

We mailed our Prep Letters yesterday, which are just a little welcome pack for our new preppies. They get a thrill having a big envelope sent home!

This year we included-

Welcome Letter
Just without the love hearts {the big one is covering up the school logo}.
We included the link at the end for our parents to fill out our google form. 

We asked them to let us know about any special interests/other information, how their poppet would be getting home each day & if/when they may be available to be helpers in our rooms.I'm very excited that we have already had two parents fill it out!

About Me/Meet the Teacher sheet

A bookmark
With cute Scrappy Kids graphics from Mel at From the Pond. If you would like your own copy of the bookmark go here for the freebie.

Ready Confetti

 That's our fat cat Axel keeping watch a.k.a. trying to play with the sequins.

Isn't this the sweetest idea?! I found this very cute, free poem from O"Fish"ally First Grade. We are really hoping the kidlets get a kick out of this. I filled the bags with paper confetti, assorted sequins, coloured stars and plastic jewels. I made up all 50 bags while watching 4 episodes of Buffy {season 3 incase you wondered}. Totally worth it!

We also put in the Literacy testing timetable and would have normally included a class photo but we decided we'll send this home instead on the first day (shh, we forgot to print it!).

How are your back to school plans or 100th Day of School plans going?
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  1. Love the letter home! Such a positive way for these families to start school, great ideas.

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