Saturday, 31 August 2013

Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for another 5 for Friday. Gosh these weeks are coming around quickly!

This week has been crazy busy! Bookweek crazy to be exact. I had my Study Tour day in Melbourne so I missed out on the parade which I was shattered about. My kiddos excelled themselves this year. We had: The Cat in the Hat, Where's Wally? (Waldo), a robot, witches, Billy B. Brown, Doctor Who, Batman & Robin, Mario, a Smurf, a doctor and Cinderella. Doctor Who is my particular favourite- can you spot him? He is OBSESSED with the Doctor. L and his Dad even made a Tardis last month for him to play with.

Yesterday we had whole school Bookweek rotations. The kiddos were mixed up into multi-age groups and they loved it! My group made "Peggy's" from the story Peggy by Anna Walker

It is a gorgeous book about a chicken who gets swept up in a wind and ends up in the City (Melbourne to be exact). The illustrations are scrumptious.

This idea came from the Zart Art Book Week pd. If you are an Aussie and have never been to one of these- do! I am a big fan of their Christmas Workshops too.

These were made with: 1 sentence strip, fine liner pen for the buildings, black paint for the body and head (using your thumb) and a feather for the tail.

On Thursday the 5/6's visited us to read their picture story books to the kidlets. They were amazing! I love it when they read to the little kids.

We have also been preparing for Father's Day. We made these super cute toolbox cards which I found here.

Yesterday we had our Father's Day breakfast (my 14th breakfast- we have 2 a year). Teachers & parents cooking from 6.30. I learnt fast to get to work early and get a place on the bbq, it's the warmest place and where all the best early morning conversations take place. My teaching buddy and I rocked the eggs. It's a skill :)

Enjoy your weekend,

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