Saturday, 24 August 2013

Finally Friday!

Time to link up for another Five for Friday :)

This has been the busiest week ever! It has been surprisingly good even with all of the craziness but I am so ready for the weekend. This girl is tired! Sorry about the lack of pics again this week, I had every intention to take a ton of photos but only managed a few.

On Tuesday we went on 'excursion' to the local TAFE library for part one of Book Week (we are actually celebrating this at school next week because we had so much on this week). The kiddos were so good! Taking all 4 Prep/1 grades anywhere is a bit of a challenge but they were brilliant. We watched Narelle Stone act out two books that have been nominated this year The Coat (which won) and Peggy (which is my favourite). She was hilarious!

Wednesday we had our School Aths. It was about 7 degrees, cloudy and rainy but we managed to survive and get through our activities in record time!

This week has also been all about the letter Q. We read Queenie the Bantam by Bob Graham (another favourite). It's also a great book for location and mapping.

Then we made these adorable chickens from Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails (I forgot to take pictures of the ones we made... oops).

Yesterday we had a PD day with Maria Forde at the gorgeous Nanga Gnulle conference centre/wedding venue in Bendigo. It was gorgeous even on such a cold day.

And on top of all of that I have been trying to get organised to head to the UK (less than 3 weeks now) for the Study Tour I will be part of! The hunt for a satchel bag that fits my laptop, is cute, under $100 and is long rather than wide (so it will sit on my hip) is proving to be a nightmare. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend,
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