Sunday, 11 October 2015

Term 4 No Chore Linky: Organising for the End of Year Clean Up

Here in Australia, we are in our final term of school for the year {eek}. It is always a super busy term with reports, assessments, Christmas activities, school performances and the end of year clean up that comes with the job. 

With only 10 more weeks to go, it's getting to crunch time! I am linking up with some fantastic blogging friends to share some tips to survive and be super organised for the end of the year. After you read my tip, make sure you go to the link up below to find other fantastic ideas to survive Term 4 :)

Term 4 No Chore Tip
One of the biggest tasks at the end of the year is cleaning up, especially if you are needing to change classrooms. I am the checklist queen and find having a list at the end of the year really helps. Over the years, I have moved from scribbled notes EVERYWHERE to having a typed up checklist.

Here is a pdf copy you may like, with a blank version for you to write on. For other great teaching ideas follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest!

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  1. Great list Bec! Oh the horror of the end of year clean up, I always get caught out doing it on the last day, I am sure to be on top of it this year, thanks.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. Thanks, Bec! I don't know how many years in a row I've ended up tossing all the contents of my desk drawers in a box at the last minute so that when I start up again I've got all the clutter from the previous year back in my drawer! Crazy town!

  3. I love a good checklist too Bec! Good luck with your Term 4 - we had a chair-washing day one year and the kids all cleaned their own chair and had a bit of fun with the water in the process :)

  4. I'm with Mel - love checklists! This is such a great tip to keep on top of the cleaning jobs that have to get done. The teachers aren't in charge of cleaning chairs and tables at the end of the year; on the very last day of school we take all the chairs outside and a group of kids wash them, while another group clean all the tables. The love helping and getting very wet in the process!

  5. I love checklists - they keep me organised and without them, it would be tricky to function well or mediocre for me
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  6. What a fabulous checklist. I wish I could keep up with checklists! I'm definitely going to need this this year when I move classrooms!

    Miss Galvin Learns


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