Monday, 12 October 2015

I Can Do That! & Freebie Reflection Worksheets

I have just finished my new I Can Do That: Reflect & Review Worksheets and to celebrate I have a sneak peak of the packet and a freebie to share!

This packet of 20 worksheets are perfect to be used before or after a  range of different activities, for example, after story time, for independently reading or at the beginning and end of the year to share what students know quickly. All activities are black & white, ideal for colouring and photocopying. 

The pack contains the following worksheets:
*10 Things/20 Things I know;
*What I know/What I now know writing pages;
*In 10 Words & In 20 Words list;
*Before & After;
*Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down pages;
*Describe It, Note it & Wonderwall pages;
*I Feel/I think pages;

For a sneaky sneak peak download this freebie for 2 free worksheets.

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