Saturday, 5 September 2015

Currently September

So I completely forgot that it was September! Might have something to do with school camp, Father's Day activities and preparing for my long service leave all this week. I'm linking up with Farley to share the currently love anyway, just a few days late :)

Listening to Season 3 of Suits. Completely love this series!

Loving that our cat Axel is paying attention to me today {two days away will do that} and I'm getting lots of hugs. Plus, I am officially on Long Service Leave from today! Really enjoying the thought that I'll have a month off before the last term of the year. I'll be heading in to term 4 relaxed and ready to end the year right!

Thinking I need to be in Melbourne this afternoon to meet up with some lovely blogging buddies. I probably should be on a train already! Oops.

Wanting to enjoy this gorgeous sunshine today... and somehow stay on the couch.

Needing to read our travel plans over for this week. We our heading to Tasmania for a weeks holiday. A whole week exploring will be nice.

3 Goals:
1. I'm loving meditation, I need to keep up taking the time to stop, process and breathe.
2. Enjoy everything.
3. Keep up the work organisation.

Happy September,
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  1. Love your post and also jealous at the same time! I wish I was going on a weeks trip! And I think I will look into the series The Suits.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah. Do check out Suits, it's awesome :)


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