Friday, 8 May 2015

Five for Friday- 8th of May

What a week it's been! Yay for Friday. Linking up with Kasey from Doodle Bugs to share the Friday love.

~ One ~
We got busy this week making these adorable Mother's Day Candle holders. They were fairly easy and look adorable but, I'll admit when my teaching buddy said we were making these and we're arming the kids with spray paint I looked at her like she was insane! Turned out well, so all worth it.

~ Two ~
I was gifted these yesterday from a cutie and her brother. They were so sweet. Even loved the comment from the brother, said to his Mama, "I really think Mrs Perry's minion obsession has gone too far". Haha, and then they bought me these!

My kiddos wrote the best Persuasive texts this week. Love them. 

~ Four~
Kiddos loved playing Land Grab this week using our dry erase pockets and new whiteboard markers. We are really starting to understand multiplication {whew}.

~ Five ~
If you are following me on Instagram, you'd know I had an amazing time at Groovin the Moo last weekend. Dirty Docs are always a good sign of a fun time!

Hope you had a great week!

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