Saturday, 23 May 2015

Five for Friday- 22nd of May

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Kasey from Doodle Bugs to share the hip-happeneings from this week.

~ One ~
Our Author Study this term has been Graeme Base. After reading Uno's Garden this week we used the site Build Your Wild Self to create magical creatures for Uno's Garden. Easy to use and heaps of fun.

~ Two ~
Our Inquiry topic this term is "How Can We Make a Change for the Better?". We have been investigating our impact on the Earth and the resources we use by calculating our Carbon footprint. We made this cute freebie craft from Teach with Me.

Our Silhouette Zentangles turned out fantastically! My class are loving art at the minute, t's great to see how creative they are.

~ Four~
Our Wonderwall thinkings are starting to head in a new direction to finish up our Inquiry unit. It's great to see how my students all have different areas they are interested in from renewable resources, to volunteer organisations, to causes and effects of natural disasters. I'm really looking forward to the 'Going Further' stage!

~ Five ~
Our Bushfire Silhouettes from last week, they turned out better than expected.

Happy weekend,

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  1. I love your carbon footprint craftivity - very cute! I love all your art projects, too! The kids must find making zentangles to be very relaxing - I know I do! Have a wonderful week!


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