Sunday, 2 November 2014

Currently November

How did November happen? Excited but gee-whiz it came up quickly! Linking up with Farley to share the November Currently love.

Listening to Buffy, season 4. 

Loving the gorgeous, hot 30C (90F) days lately which has been fantastic. Loving Spring and everything about it, except maybe the hayfever.

Thinking that we are starting Literacy testing this week and I have to get booklets ready plus I have a few days off of school coming up which I have to prepare for. Busy, busy.

Wanting & Needing
Personally, we have some stuff happening at the minute. I am no good at waiting for answers, which hopefully we'll have more of this week but we are both ready to know what direction our life will be headed in. Sorry to be cryptic but if you're the praying kind, a few prayers sent our way would be much appreciated.

Oh my goodness my kidlets are addicted to The Day the Crayons Quit

I have read this about a dozen times in the last fortnight, love it but it's driving me crazy!

Happy November,
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  1. Sending prayers your way! I so understand enjoying great weather when it comes. I'm enjoying some cooler fall weather here in Louisiana. Hope you continue to enjoy your springtime weather!

    Ms. Julie aka Southern Teacher
    Southern Teacher WBT

  2. I love it when kids get a bit obsessed with a book. This week it's nee The Book with No Pictures - my kids have had me read it about 6+ times this week!

    Luck's Little Learners

    1. I don't have that one yet Jem- it's still in the book depository cart :) Sounds great!

  3. Will pray for you Bec! Hope that everything turns out for you, whatever it might be. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  4. Hoping all turns out okay and you get the news you want! But if you don't, remember.....everything happens for a reason :)

  5. I hope everything is ok Bec! I will definitely say a prayer for you! I don't know the book you are talking about - I'll have to look it up! I just got the new pigeon book, and they are loving it!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. You need this book Alison- You'll love it! Plus my kiddos are colouring better because of it, we read it again today, and yesterday :/


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