Thursday, 3 July 2014

Humpty Dumpty Word Walls

I'm giving myself a 'Self High-5' today as I have finally put a new product in my store. And I love it which is also super great!

My Humpty Dumpty Words Walls: Pre-Primer & Primer Dolch words are a great way for K-1 students to practise sight words both at school and at home. My poppets take home one of these cards as soon as they know about 35-40 letters and it's time to focus on sight words. The kiddos are encouraged to practise these words at home and they keep their cards in a plastic pocket in their take home Reader Bag.

Each card has 10-12 words to learn at a time. There are 4 Pre-Primer cards and 5 Primer word cards which come in both colour and a black and white versions.

The packet also contains 3 blank word card templates for you to write in words of your choice and two word walls that show all of the pre-primer and primer words.

I test my students about every 4 weeks on their sight words (I used to aim for every 3 but I've worked out 4 is more realistic) and once they know about 80% of the words I give them the next card. An assessment sheet for both the pre-primer and primer words is included.

My poppets love getting a new card and seeing what they have achieved. 

I will have this on sale for the next 24 hours. Check it out here.
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  1. Very cool cards. My kids are oddly obsessed with Humpty Dumpty at the moment so they would love these!!

    Luck's Little Learners


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