Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Goal Setting- Worksheet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I have a cute little worksheet to share with you that I use with my poppets for Goal Setting each term.

To download just click on any of the pics above or go here.

Planning our future learning is really important and I love hearing what the kidlets write. We do LOTS of prior brainstorming and modelling of 'good' goals.  As you can see all my hinting at "reading, writing, numbers" doesn't always pay off and that's why I added the bottom box this year so I can add in an extra 'teacher goal'.

Their goals fit in with things that are important to them and that's what makes them valid and important. 

My favourite part about goal setting with Prep {kindergarten} is that sometimes I get goals like this...

Incase you can't read it-
"I am a super star at gluing venom with superman glue. I would like to get better at making straight arms". This kid thinks he's Spiderman. Weirdest goal ever. Love him!

So really, the best bit is that they are SUPER hilarious! And I love my kidlets to bits.

Hope you find this activity useful,
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  1. I love all your kids work! Can wait to get this done in the first week back! Thanks!


    1. Hope you're enjoying your holidays Alison!

  2. These are great for goal setting. I really like the spot on the bottom for the teacher to fill in a goal. My friend's son was convinced he was Spiderman for more than 4 years...that last example totally could have been his. So cute!
    The Traveling Teacher

    1. Thanks! I have another kid let who thinks he is Batman and a girl who is a Mermaid. They are complete crackers this year. Love them to bits!


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