Saturday, 5 April 2014

Five for Friday: April 4th

Happy weekend! How this week was awesomely great and awesomely exhausting all at the same time!

This week was our last one of the term! I cannot believe we have been at school for 10 weeks! Only 31 more to go :) We started the week with some Easter crafts.

As a unit we made a data wall this week to display our literacy data. We are so excited about it! I unfortunately cannot show it here because of the names, but we have all of the P-2 kids grouped on a whiteboard with their names laminated and attached with magnetic tape. Makes us all accountable.

We finished our last day of term with making stained glass crosses, I forgot to take a pic of them displayed on my windows but they looked really good. Then we kicked back for a bit with Bunny bait (popcorn, white chocolate & mnm's) & HOP.

Then the kidlets had Subway for lunch before we had our Easter Raffle assembly. 200 prizes... seriously! Went for an hour but the parents were super organised it could have gone a lot longer than that. The kidlets had to order their Subway a week in advance, they were so excited to get to eat their 'big sandwiches'. I had one sweetie who asked everyday 'is it big sandwich day?' Poor thing was so disappointed for a week!

And finally, one of my cuties made the cutest Easter headband with her Dad and wore it to school yesterday. Isn't it a great look? :) Happy weekend.

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