Tuesday, 23 July 2013

10 Thing I've Learned from Teaching

I have been feeling a bit 'head up in the clouds' at the minute- way too much to do and I wish I had a clone- so I haven't been putting much effort into my blog but.... I had a good chuckle reading Miss Kindergarten's "10 Things I've Learned" post so I thought I would join in!
{sorry about the extremely long sentence!}

1. It's ok to ask for help & ask for it a lot!

2. Tissues & hand sanitiser were made by the Gods- have them in vast quantities.

3. Student teachers who say "oh, I don't drink coffee" are cute deluded things

4. Even on the worst days a poppet will always do something to make you smile. Yesterday it was the cutie who said, "Good Morning Mrs Perry and you look very beautiful today", he is 5, a terror for most of the time and made me smile hard- the sweetheart.

5. Sometimes, no matter what you do you can't please everybody. Yes, I mean "that" parent.

6. When you think you have seen it all- you haven't. Some kid will always do something to surprise you in a good way (the child who reads a level 28 at the end of Prep) and in a "they did what?!" way (yesterday the poppet and her two friends who somehow opened the power switchboard, flicked a ton of switches & managed to short circuit our Admin's computer system.... yep)

7. Somehow it is possible to go through 300 grey lead pencils in 41 weeks with only 23 kids in your class.

8. Excursions always seem like a good idea at the planning time and like the worst idea ever the day before.

9. Getting the glitter out to use with any kids under 10 is a bad idea. Just don't do it {she says as she gets out the glitter}

10. I can handle vomit & pee but find a dead mouse in my room and I'll run for the hills.
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  1. I'm the same with mice! My school is right next door to the bush and we get mice all the time (thankfully they are usually in the sheds outside).

    I agree with your comment about excursions... although my realisation that we should have stayed a school usually comes n the middle of the day when exhaustion has set in but you still have to get all the kidlets home. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

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