Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Maths Box Review

My class and I have been having a great time using The Maths Box 4 from RIC Publications in the last few weeks! We were super excited to receive* this and it's been a great tool to use during Math rotations. 

The Maths Box contains a Teacher guide, 2 sets of 75 activity cards that match the Australian Curriculum and 75 answer cards.

Each box has colour-coded activities focused on 10 areas (covering the 3 sub-strands of Mathematics- Number & Algebra; Measurement and Geometry; and Statistics & Probability):

  1. Number and Place Value; 
  2. Fractions and Decimals; 
  3. Money; 
  4. Patterns and Algebra;
  5. Using areas of Measurement;
  6. Shape;
  7. Location and Transformation;
  8. Geometric Reasoning;
  9. Chance; and
  10. Data Representation and Interpretation.

The cards themselves are durable and easy to use. My class were able to complete the activities independently after a short how-to lesson. 

The questions are easy to understand and there are a mix of multiple choice and written answers. The cards also have extension activities listed at the end that can be completed independently or in pairs.

Inside the Teacher Guide is a recording sheet that is very easy to use. As my school has a photocopying budget, I have opted for my kids to record the answers in their Math books. Either option is great and my kids have been able to answer the questions just as well this way but photocopying the sheets into a Math Book would be great if you were able to.

One of my favourite parts of the Math Box has to be the answer cards. My class are able to independently complete the activities on the card and then correct their answers themselves or by swapping with a buddy. This saves me time and puts the responsibility back on the students. Any chance they have of getting out a red pen to correct and they are there!

The Teaching Guide also contains:

  • Explanations about the cards;
  • Recording & Tracking sheets;
  • Sample card & answers;
  • Mini-Posters (love);
  • Resource sheets.

The colour posters are a particular favourite and will be great to copy and display. 

The resource pages are clear and easy to use, providing great activities for student Math books or whole class activities.

We are throughly enjoying this resource, if you would like a chance to review a sample pack visit RIC here and fill out the form.

*I have been asked to review this resource by RIC and all opinions are my own.
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