Friday, 26 February 2016

R.I.C. Mathematics Resources Review

I have been finally gotten back to review the Year 3 & 4 Mathematics  resources I received from R.I.C. Publications! Term 1 has been a killer peeps! My review of the English resources is in a blog post. Please note that all the opinions I am about to share are my own :)

First up I have the Year 4 Australian Curriculum: Number and Algebra Teacher resource ($39.95).

I have to say out of all the resources I received, this one is my favourite. To the point where I could say... weird teacher confession coming... that I am a little bit in L-O-V-E with these. You know what I mean!

The teacher resource is clearly set out, has good sized and easy to understand explanations. The BLM's are ones I will actually use in my classroom and link clearly with the curriculum.

This book covers the sub-strands of Numbers & Place Value, Fractions & Decimals, Money and Algebra. Each sub-strand contains:
-Assessment pages (ok, I really love these, they are really clear, set-out well and give the information that matches the descriptor for the sub-strand)

-Teacher Information & a list of possible Hands-On activities (um, how great is this! I really feel like the hands-on stuff is missing from resource books a lot of the time)

-Links to other curriculum areas

-Resource sheets/BLMs
-Checklists to match the sub-strand (triple love!)

The New Wave Number & Algebra Student Workbook links very well with the first resource (covers the same sub-strands) and also has the content descriptor written on each page. Plus, the student workbook is one I would actually use! Even with my dislike of coloured workbooks. 

This one is set out well and is easy to read. The pages mostly have a white background with a coloured border so the pages are very clear and the print stands out. Love! As I mentioned in my previous post, unfortunately there is not enough money in my classroom budget to purchase individual workbooks but this is the first one I have seen that has tempted me to buy.

The last book I was sent to review was the Number and Algebra: Fractions and Decimals Book 2- Years 3-4 Teacher resource ($39.95).

This book contains lots of Assessment pages, BLMs and worksheets that link to the Fractions and Decimals sub-strand. Each worksheet also contains the content descriptor the worksheet is aiming to practise.

I am always on the look out for good fractions & decimals resources as this is a topic I am not greatly fond of teaching. This resource contains some fantastic, clear worksheets. 

This book also contains checklists for each sub-strand.

A big thank you to R.I.C. Publications for the opportunity to review these great products. Make sure you check out their other resources (like the K-3 Class Ideas Magazine which I am a huge fan of).

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