Sunday, 3 January 2016

Classroom Set-Up for 2016: Part 1 & a Freebie

How did it get to be that time again?! I have to admit this is my favourite part of the start of the school year, searching for cute stuff & ideas for my room. The actual setting up, not so much. I'm not so much a theme person more a anything cute person, so my room is always a mishmash of stuff. This year I'm going towards a pencil theme with a fair bit of Minions (click here for my Minion post & freebie from last year) & some other random stuff thrown in. Plus, be prepared for this shocker...... I'm a teacher who does not like laminating *Gasp* Yeah, I hate it. 

After that revelation, here is a list of random things that I will be including in my 2016 classroom:

I have already purchased these gorgeous pencil containers. Ok, yes I do already own about 20 different containers but none that are PENCIL shaped, so there (said to my 2015 class who were always on my case about how much stuff I kept buying. The cuties).

I already have these crayon's ready for my door display to kind of match my pencil containers but I haven't laminated the wonderful things yet (sigh). I think we'll read the Day the Crayons Quit in the first week, even though I'm teaching Grade 3/4 a refresher of colouring never hurts. I'm you'd like a free copy of the door display click here to download.

Read & the Force Will be With You Bunting for my reading corner. It's a great freebie from Mrs O Reads Books (I completely stole this idea from a friend who is having a Star Wars theme, too cute not to include).

I want to buy coloured bracelets for group sorting like these ones Christi has used from Mrs Fultz's Corner.

I love this tree for our reading area from A Batty Life but not sure if we'll have space for it.

I've been meaning to add the vertical & horizontal labels for a while as I get it confused myself (yeah, I just admitted to that) like this one from The Applicious Teacher.  

I love this "Be" display. It might be a good idea for a first week of school activity.

I'm sure there will be more added to this list soon. Stay tune for another post & more freebies.

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  1. I will eagerly be awaiting photos of what your classroom looks like. I am enjoying reading your blog cheers!


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