Sunday, 12 July 2015

Back to School Essentials~ A linky party

Two posts in two days, it's a miracle! Even though I'm heading back to school after our winter holidays in Australia, not to a new year after Summer break, I thought I would link-up with Amanda at The Teaching Thief to share my back-to-school essentials.

As my class this year will tell you, I have a massive stationary addition. Between them and my husband I swear they are working together to get me to stop. Every time I go near I shop now I hear my kiddos saying, "Do you REALLY need that Mrs Perry?" :) It hasn't worked yet but I'm sure I'll hear it again when they see everything I bought over our winter holidays (ummm... it's a LOT).

My typical summer haul looks (partly, ok this is about half) like:

 My B2S list normally includes:

1. New buckets, baskets and general cute looking containers. Not that I actually need any more but I keep on buying them!

2. New cushions and seats for my reading area. I normally sew new cushion covers and hit up Kmart for other bits and pieces.

3. Laminating pockets! Along with stamps & stickers. Aldi in Australia are great for cheap stamps close to the start of the school year.

4. A new classroom mat. These are not the cheapest item to buy in Australia. I normally wait until Kmart or Spotlight has a sale.

5. Clipboards for displays and group work. I bought mine from Amazon a few years ago and love them. I'm due for some more this year.

I also normally buy new tissue paper decorations, pencils and other small stationary bits for my reward box and new fidget tools.

Happy shopping to all of you heading back to school. Can't wait to see your blog posts and ideas in the next few weeks.
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  1. Great list of essentials! I love the blue bins in the top picture. I wouldn't mind scoring a few that look just like that.Hehe. I have to hit the sales for those high dollar items too. My rugs will usually last 2 years (if I'm lucky), so that has been nice. The trouble is that they never seem to be big enough for my 4th graders, so we just squeeze on. Thanks for linking up and sharing your great ideas. I'm now on the hunt for a cute Minion pillow. :)

  2. Great list! I've completely given up on rugs! I just make them sit on the floor and give them an assigned spot! They pick at them way too much, so I've given up!


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