Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Reward Coupon Freebies

I'm always on the hunt for different behaviour reward systems and have struck gold using Reward Coupons this year. They are so simple and my kiddos LOVE them.

This system is really easy to implement, just print and laminate. My kiddos choose one of these from the "Token Box" when they have filled their reward chart.

There are lots of great versions of these around. I have a really simple version available as a freebie. Just click on any of the pics to download or follow this link.

This freebie includes 9 different cards, with 4 to a page. I've kept them at this size as I have printed them but they would also work well as a smaller card. Just print 2 to a page.

Enjoy! And while you're here, please go like my new Facebook page for more updates & freebies.

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