Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday Meet Me

Thank goodness for Linkys or I would forget to blog! I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Monday Meet-up :)

It is a gorgeous sunny (but freezing) day today. If I stay inside & read Northern Hemisphere blogs I can almost kid myself that it is Summer here too :)

I teach.... because it's awesome. Each poppet that I have taught has taught me more about life than what I could ever show them and that makes me feel like an incredibly lucky person to have been a part of their world & their wisdom. 

I have.... the travelling bug & a gorgeous, handsome, understanding, patient & amazing husband who let's me take off for weeks at a time to travel around the world... Honey if you're reading this, hint, hint!
I'm making do at the minute by walking around town, squinting & pretending it's Paris. 

I watch... a LOT of TV either online or from dvd box sets. My favourite is Buffy but The Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars & HIMYM all get me through too. I own a lot more but I stopped listing them because I think I may have an addiction!

I listen...  to music everyday. I love that I drive to work now so that I can listen to my favourite radio station. Love the app for Triple j too. I'm addicted to this song by The Kooks at the minute. Catchy! & awesome.

I read... too much! Everyday, any spare chance I get. It drives the hubs insane but its a multi-tasking skill to read & eat, read & cook, read & "plan".

I do... need Art. It's probably a weird one but keeping surrounded by art keeps me sane when I'm stressed out. Another reason that I love Pinterest.
Wandering around the Art Gallery, any art gallery, for me is better than chocolate. But chocolate is pretty amazing too!

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  1. I love Triple J, too!! Matt and Alex make me laugh on the way to work every morning.

    Luck's Little Learners

    1. You are the commenting Queen Jem! Love it! You are encouraging me to read & comment more xx

  2. From your "I teach" it sounds like you are an amazing teacher.
    I think I've seen every episode of Gilmore Girls. Such a fun show.
    So very nice to "meet" you!

  3. I have the travel bug too. Love to travel A great post Bec


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