Saturday, 8 February 2014

5 for Friday {7th of Feb}

How'd it get to be the weekend already?! We have been so busy this week that I realised today that I had forgotten to take photos of  the amazing things we have been up to :( so this has become more of a mishmash of the last 2 weeks since our school year has begun.

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share my {almost photo free & completely random} 5 for Friday :)

~ One ~
My new classroom is one giant space which my teaching buddy and I share. I really need to take new pics but it's a pretty amazing classroom. We are loving it!

We started Maths this week by creating our number bracelets to 10. We looked at ways we can make 10, quick ways to count it, colour patterns and "good" counting.

The first few weeks have been routine, routine, routine! We have been using these social stories and visual reminders. Check them out in my store or click the pic's for a direct link.

As well as this freebie which you can find here

It has been birthday central in my room this week. If I see another chocolate frog I may be sick. And because that statement is pretty gross here is a rainbow that was above our place on Monday night. Ain't it pretty?!

I was very lucky to meet up with StefPaula & Alison in Kyneton two weeks ago. The town is super adorable & because this post is random here are some pics of the town {but not one of the 4 of us together because we forgot, lol}.

Happy weekend :)

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  1. Random and photo free? Sounds like most of my Five for Fridays! :)
    Can't believe you girls didn't take photos of your catch up... bad bloggers!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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