Friday, 25 October 2013

Five for Friday!

Oh Friday how I love you!

1. Apple Measuring
I blogged about this earlier in the week but aren't they cute!

2. Poetry
I ended up sticking to the apple theme this week when I stumbled across this idea from the talented Mrs Jump.

3. Number Heads
My kiddos love playing Number Heads (number version of Celebrity Heads). We have been focusing on 2-digit numbers.

4. There was an Old Bloke Who Swallowed a Chook
We have been focusing on rhyming words this term and have so far read the books "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly/bat/pie". This week we read the Australian version "There was an Old Bloke Who Swallowed a Chook". They loved this! It's a very 'Aussie' version where the old bloke (man) ends up swallowing a ute (truck).

5. Op Shopping, Garage Sales & Awesome Vintage Finds

 telephone table

 Nally canisters

Pyrex dish- LOVE!

I spent a lovely Spring day last Saturday on a solo road trip to Ballarat to pick up a super cute apple stool that I purchased for my classroom next year (pics to come). I shopped along the way there and got the best finds. The telephone table was found in the Old Mill Markets in Daylesford in a stall hidden under a pile of stuff and it was CHEAP!

I found my Nally canisters at my first stop on the road trip at the local Vietnam Vet Garage Sale and bargained with the guy in charge (I got the pyrex dish & some others for free). They look so great in our kitchen! Plus I could sell them on ebay now for at least double- bonus.

To those peeps lucky enough to be celebrating Halloween this week (it's not really a 'done' thing in Australia) I wish you an awesomely spooky week,

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  1. Found you on the linky! The parts of an apple are really cute! And I need to see if I can find the Old Bloke book- looks like fun!

    The Land of I Can


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