Monday, 4 January 2016

Plans & goals for 2016

To start the year off with some sparkle and focus I'm linking up with Angie & Ashley  for their #2getherwearebetter linky to share my 2016 Goals.

There is just something about Summer break that manages to put glitter on everything which I just love. I am feeling energised and ready to handle 2016 with passion & focus. I already discussed my one little word on my currently for this month but my word for the year is:

Get ready for the most over use of the word hope in one blog post :)

I have hope for our future for our family & that the universe has a gigantically wonderful plan for us.

I have hope that we are on the right path and our following our hearts and that all the hard work we are putting in will pay off.

For the year ahead I have hope that I will deal with problems calmly & with confidence. That I will take deep breaths when needed & seek help from others.

For my students
I have hope that we will form a great working relationship & set future goals which every student will succeed. 

Looking ahead, I send them hope that they will grow to form their own opinions and ideas and will grow up in a world that will be accepting of whoever they become and whomever they want to be.

I have hope that every student will be in the best place to learn with the best resources to help them succeed and that they will be accepted and listened to by every person they encounter.

At work
I hope that my plans for being better organised will work out :)

I send hope that as a staff we will deal with the year ahead together and form great learning plans and have directed focus. I hope that my school community will shine and work together for the benefit of every student.

This year I know with some changes ahead that I may need bucket loads of patience which is not my strong suit, so I plan to be focused on that as well.

My other plans:
-Meditate more
-Continue with exercise & healthy eating- EVERYDAY
-Be thankful every single day
-Blog more and keep working with all the amazing blog and TpTers who are out there supporting one another. It's just the best community to be a part of!
-And the one I aim for every year but never quite succeed at "Leave work at work!"

Looking forward to reading your 2016 goals too!

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