Tuesday, 10 December 2013

First Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party

I'm linking up with Emily from The Reading Tutor to share one of my favourite cookie* recipes. 
*{Sidenote: we call cookies biscuits in Australia and I find it really weird to type the word cookie and not biscuit... thought I'd just share that...}

Anyway this is one of my, and my husband's definite favourite. 

Jam Drops

Thanks to google here are the US measurement conversions:

  • 180°C equals 356°F so 350 should be fine- my oven is temperamental so I only cook my cookies for 10 mins max depending on their colour. As soon as they are golden they are done.
  • 100g of butter is 3.5oz or if you are lucky you might have scales that do grams as well- mine has grams and ounces. Best Christmas present ever from the hubby- who needs diamonds?! They are very helpful when trying to make something from Pinterest.

My all time favourite cookies are my Yo-Yo Biscuits- click on the link to find a previous post on these and the recipe.

Happy baking!

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  1. My proudest moment last year was teaching a 1.5 year old Canadian toddler to say 'bikkie' instead of 'cookie'! :) I love jam drops but don't think I've ever made them, I'll have to give your recipe a whirl.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. :) I like that Lauren! They are easy but when I was writing the recipe it did sound long. Good luck & I hope you are enjoying your holidays

  2. Hi Bec! I love this recipe! Thanks for writing in the US conversions too. I recently learned that Aussie's call cookies biscuits. I'm thrilled that you found my blog and linked up. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
    The Reading Tutor/OG

  3. hubby likes yo yo's ... i like tim tams more


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