Thursday, 5 September 2013

a broken arm & a random song

On this rainy Thursday night I thought I would actually write a mid-week post to fill you in on my crazy day! At recess today one of my boy poppets pushed one of my girl Preppie poppets side ways off the bottom of the slide. She was sent in from the yard with her arm looking like this:

Completely freaked me out! Never seen anything like it, it looked boneless between the elbow and wrist. I had Harry Potter flash backs. She was so brave when the pain hit {wanted to go back out to play before that, did NOT want to go to the doctors}. Another teacher and I managed to keep her calm and distracted until Mum arrived. 

So cue after recess when the poppet who did the pushing then had a complete freak out himself because he didn't want to hurt his bestie. Thank god I had a student teacher in today who managed to play a Maths game with the class while I calmed HIM down. He kept sobbing "But I wish I hadn't done it, I want to take it back, I want to take it back". I wanted to lay down and sob with him but we worked through it and made injured poppet a card. Planning to visit her tomorrow with get well cards after she has come out of hospital {it was pretty serious}.

And on an even more random note I have had this song, "Something I need" by One Republic, in my head all day and thought I would just share it's awesomeness with you too!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I actually have a freebie ready but for tonight I think a glass of wine is a bigger priority :) 
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  1. A glass of wine sounds so lovely right about now!! Thursday nights always make me feel like that. :)

    No good about the broken arm, or the sad friend who feels responsible. :( Fingers crossed for a quick recovery of the broken arm and heart.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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