Monday, 18 March 2013

Math & Manic Monday

Why do Monday's always come around so much quicker than Friday's?? Anyway, I shouldn't be complaining (8 days until hols & counting). The weekend was super productive with my hubby away so I was able to finally finish my "Cookies in the Cookie Jar" packet.

This packet contains:
*“Cookie Jar” Game in black & white 
*“Cookie Jar” Game in colour 

*3 Cookie tens frames 

*4 Black & white Estimation/Counting Worksheets
*4 Coloured Estimation/Counting Worksheets

*5 Addition Worksheets

In my store click on the 'Preview' tab to download the "How Many Cookies?" estimation & counting freebie (seen below). Click the pic below to go to it!
Wishing you an a-maz-ing week! Not long now to Easter break whoop-whoop!
x Bec
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. We are on the Easter break countdown as well! Thank you for the freebie! Have a great week.
    Pirate Girl's Education Invasion

  2. Great idea! I teach 3rd but estimation is still such a tricky concept. I'm thinking about using your activity to introduce estimation and then increase it to larger and larger amounts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks everyone! Kady I used to teach 3rd- for estimation I used to use pop sticks (bundled in hundreds, tens and 1s) or MAB (the wooden blocks that come in thousands, hundreds, tens and units). I like the pop sticks better because the kids would make the bundles of tens, 100s and if you're keen 1000s


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